Hand Sanitizer by Valentina & Philippa


Natural hand disinfectant with extra care for the skin

Disinfect hands & protect ourselves and others. Many products strain sensitive skin and rob it of its suppleness. Our ORGANIC HAND SANITIZER prevents this, because it not only reliably removes viruses, bacteria and germs (99.99%), but also nourishes your stressed hands. The moisturizing Litsea Cubeba oil and the natural active ingredient complex are absorbed immediately and leave the skin feeling powdery and pleasant. The refreshing scent rejuvenates the skin and senses.

Simply apply the Organic Hand Sanitizer to the palm of your hand and massage in - without water.

Tested and certified: effective against viruses, germs and bacteria.

BAuA No. N-98400

  • 50 ml spray bottle
  • 250 ml dispenser

 9,90 -  39,00

  • 500 ml


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For healthy and soft skin!
With a order of 100 € or more, you will receive a 250 ml Herbs & Flowers lotion in a glass bottle worth 29 € free of charge until June 4, 2024.