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Clean beauty -
naturally sustainable

Our philosophy & attitude

„Protect your skin & save the earth” is the motto at Valentina & Philippa: Where sustainability and quality go hand in hand and the essence lies in the originality of nature – now, where it is about time, to take a closer look at yourself and Mother Earth, we go one step further.

Ursula Kaufmann

Ursula Kaufmann

Beauty by nature:
The Story of a Passion

We, Valentina & Philippa, were allowed to travel with our parents through fascinating countries at an early age. We experienced nature in different ways and we were fascinated by the different cultures. We experienced the most original hotels, which inspired us again and again.

Through these many impressions, and the long professional experience of our mother in the cosmetics industry, we created an “organic skin care” on the most natural basis. Handmade, innovative beauty products with the best essences of alpine flora, with soothing oils, old healing recipes, innovative production processes and a holistic approach.

From our conviction and awareness of the forces of nature, in combination with ancient herbal medicine knowledge, a new dimension of body treatment began: VP – Valentina & Philippa. Our products are being created with great dedication and care, perfectly matched and developed for the young and modern nomads!


Valentina & Philippa are natural skincare products, uncompromising and inspired by the power of nature. With great dedication and care we pick only the best ingredients from the alpine region and combine them intelligently. All ingredients come from a sustainable production and are completely biodegradable. Highest standards in the production process, highest quality and purity of the ingredients, as well as the social responsibility towards our partners are of great importance to us. we set the highest standards for the effectiveness and functionality of our products.

Valentina & Philippa sets the highest standards

sustainable luxury for you

the power of natural ingredients


The nature is our teacher. It shows us what treasures we have and what we need to protect. At V&P, we are committed to protecting our environment and sustainability. Returning a piece back to the world is our motivation.

Therefore, it is natural for us to reduce our packaging as far as possible and produce it sustainably by working with bottles made from already recycled plastic from Austria and Germany. These are all designed for a long life, refillable and, of course, 100% recyclable. Our production is based on the latest standards: we use solar energy to produce and fill the products, thus keeping our footprint as small as possible.

We are 100%
uncompromising and sustainable.

Natural and caring ingredients, that can grow sustainably

Without animal testing

Environmentally friendly package in recycled PCR plastic or glass bottles

Free of parabens, silicones, mineral oils, microplastics, PEG’s and everything that pollutes the skin and environment

Carbon neutral carefully handcrafted in Austria

Dermatologically tested skin compatibility

The natureis

our teacher.

Ursula Kaufmann


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